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5 Good Reasons for Visiting Pienza

You have just discovered the wonder of the Tuscan lands and you are looking for the next stage but you do not know what to choose? Here are 5 good reasons to visit Pienza.

Located in the heart of the Val D'Orcia, despite its small size and small population (2076 inhabitants), Pienza is a "must to go" village for passionate travelers but especially for those who are the new mold of tourists in the modern era: the Travel Influencer. These are the ones that, in my opinion, are the strong points of the locality and will make you curious enough to make you want to plunge in as soon as you have the chance:

1. History We are in 1458, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who became Pope, began to rethink the identity of the village where he was born (Pienza). He decided to start a renovation entrusted to Bernardo di Matteo Gambardelli, known as Rossellino, who transformed it into a perfect example of an "ideal" city. The area of the village where the urban ideal emerges most clearly is the square dedicated to the future Pope Pius II.

2. Architecture The architecture chosen by the surveyor Rossellino is an urban design that reflects the geometric regularity of the Renaissance, a geometry that is based on symmetry from the central point of view. That's why in the central square we find the imposing Praetorian Palace, at the beginning it was built as a bishop's seat but then used by the Piccolomini family. Today, Italian films have been shot in this square, such as Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli and L'arcidiavolo by Ettore Scola.

3. The kitchen I personally consider the Tuscan cuisine one of the best in Italy, in the village we will certainly find interesting locations but does not boast of the best in the area, we must walk up to Monticchiello (one of the surrounding villages just 4 minutes from Pienza) to discover an even more curious village, at the entrance of the main door of the walls there is "Osteria La Porta" with a very intimate location and refined dishes: The tartar with egg and lamb in tart accompanied by an excellent Millepassi can make you feel the true heart of Tuscany, admiring a breathtaking view from their beautiful terrace.

4. The Landscape As mentioned above, you just have to admire the landscape rich in hills and plains of the restaurant to remain plagued by the magnificence of these lands. Returning to the villages of Pienza we can get to the top of the village to admire the vast Radura Senese (recommended also the Creti Senesi)

5. I BorghiWalking through the streets of the village of Pienza you will find the characteristic caps, the negotiations full of ceramics and other souvenirs and the windows full of good pecorino di Pienza. It will be easy to come across one of the four very romantic streets: Via della Fortuna, Via del Buia, Via dell'Amore and the notorious Via del Bacio.

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